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2007-12-20, 13:18
Hi Everyone:

Can someone share their experiences with this highly respected plug-in on the Mac?

Basically I'd like to see album art on my Jive without having to copy paste art directly into individual songs or albums via Get Info.

I understand that installing this plug-in is all that might be needed to have iTunes album art show on the Web UI and Jive. Correct?


2007-12-20, 13:28
Do you mean iTunesUpdate?
The artwork functionality doesn't work on the Mac because I don't have one! I'm always in need of a developer/tester who does.


2007-12-20, 16:28
Yes, I just tried to correct the topic title. Sorry about that James.

To clarify: the iTunesUpdate plugin is available for Mac but just without the artwork feature, right?

I'd test if needed. Thanks

2007-12-20, 17:06
yes, that's right - no artwork for the Mac, but the rest works.

It would be pretty easy but I need to know if there's an AppleScript command to save the downloaded artwork somewhere.
In Windows you can just do $track->SaveArtworkToFile($filename)


2008-01-06, 01:27
There could be an Applescript to do just that. You would need files stored in some temp folder or the corresponding folder with each album?

I definitely know there is a application that strips the artwork into a folder that you can designate.

I will look into this more after CES.

2008-01-06, 02:55
Yes, the plugin stores the artwork temporarily in SlimServer's cache directory.