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Kilgore Trout
2004-01-27, 14:17
I second this, though a message board would be the

--- Jason Snell <jsnell (AT) macworld (DOT) com> wrote:
> >This list is getting harder to read all the time.
> In terms of subject matter, I wonder if there needs
> to be a list
> between or below the two existing (discuss and
> developer) lists.
> Hence this comment from Robin:
> >It really is a pain to have to subscribe and deal
> with this high volume
> >of email in order to ask one or two questions.
> Perhaps there should be a "slimp3-help" list that's
> a helpful,
> low-volume community to solve problems, but that's
> separate from
> discussions of new feature requests, whether Slim
> Devices products
> are doomed to failure due to the competition, etc.?
> I'm not sure if that's the way to slice it, but it
> seems that there
> are a couple of different audiences on this list and
> while members of
> the one audience are happy to be in both, members of
> the other
> audience seem to have no stomach for the other half.
> A list
> separation might make some sense.
> -jason
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