View Full Version : Any recommdations for amps to usewithSqueezeBox?(prefwith digital in)

Michael Robinson
2004-01-27, 13:58
"Andrew Lucas" <alucas1966 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com> wrote:

>If you want a simple stereo amp, but want a better DAC, suggest something
>like the Cyrus but use an external DAC such as the Midiman Flying Cow
>http://www.midiman.net/index.php?do=products.list&ID=digitalconverters. I've
>got one of these in a DAC only form which I use to liven up a cheap DVD
>player and it works a treat.
>In my main listening room though I use NAIM amplfication and the DAC stages
>are in the pre-amp, different league altogether.
>Would recommend though, if you are unsure, find yourself a good specialist
>dealer, generally they are very helpful, provide loaners for home
>demonstrations and usually carry 2nd hand equipment. If you are anywhere
>near Montrose, Robert Ritchie's gets my vote.


Interested in your views on the Midiman DAC - it looks horrible but it is a
pretty good price for a DAC (GBP199).

I have a reasonably good amp (Arcam pre- and power amps) and I'd be
interested to know if Squeezebox digital + Midiman + Arcam was appreciably
better that Squeezebox analogue + Arcam. I'll look for a friendly Midiman
dealer in London but would be interested if you or anyone else had tried the
Midiman with a Squeezebox.