View Full Version : Belkin Wireless G Router FSD7235-4 1001uk

2007-12-18, 13:19
Looking for some help to get me back up and running for Christmas!
Recently replaced my Linksys router (froze - had to be returned after 6 months with no problems) - with the above Belkin. It connected first time to my squeezebox then connected sporadically thereafter. Now it won't connect at all.
It detects my wireless network but won't connect.
One thing I have noticed is the signal strength varying 50-60-0-60...
I've tried resetting both the box and the router - no success. Followed various step by step guides on the forums again no success.
Unfortunately I'm not too clued up on networks, however I have followed instructions explicitly and didn't have any problems with the linksys for 6 months.
Can anyone offer any assistance - the thought of having to manually change the Christmas CDs is too much!