View Full Version : Sleeping server with Wake-On-Lan no longer works on SC7

2007-12-18, 12:18
I had version 6 working fairly stable for about a year with a server that sleeps when not being used (XP SP1 Laptop).

I have tried several builds with SC7 and it works for a couple boots and then craps out.

The PC boots but SC7 service dies.

I have not tried another build in a couple weeks.

Is this being worked on, does a bug exist for it?

Otherwise SC7 is working good.

Also I sure wish a single IR code could wake a SqueezeBox with a sleeping server and a SqueezeBox that is in StandBy (server up but squeezebox "off"). It's really silly having two different IR codes for this.

2007-12-22, 09:04

Anyone trying to be a little more green?