View Full Version : OT: Logitech Harmony 525 or 555 as remote control

2007-12-15, 22:38
Hi, Off topic but this forum has been always a good place to discuss Logitech Harmony universal remotes.
I want to choose between the 525 and 555 remotes and found that the only real difference between these two is that the 555 has two hard buttons for 'Sound' and 'Picture'
The 525 is now around Euro 49 in NL, the 555 is in most shops much more expensive (but not on the Internet)

Am I missing something:

- Are these two buttons the only real difference?
(On the Logitech site the 525 picture is missing the colored tv-text buttons but the one in the shop has them -Netherlands-).

- Can I map these two buttons to the softkeys right & left of the screen?