View Full Version : Search Kills Slimserver

2007-12-15, 18:14
This is a weird one. Lately, when I search using either basic or advanced search on the web interface, SlimServer stops running. I have to restart the server, which runs fine until the next search.

Anyone else see this?

I'm using SlimServer 6.5b2.

- Jeff

2007-12-16, 09:56
> I'm using SlimServer 6.5b2.

Would you mind updating to a _stable_ release and testing again? Beta2 must be more than a year old.

2007-12-17, 07:22
Mike -

Thanks for the reply. I had no idea I was running a beta version. (or had forgotten -- I'm sure I knew when I downloaded it). I installed it a while back and it's run fine ever since.

I rebooted the server after upgrading my NIC and now search works fine again. I'll get around to upgrading to the latest stable 6.x when I get a chance.

What's the status with version 7?

- Jeff

2007-12-18, 01:03
> What's the status with version 7?

Close to final.