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Oliver Cookson
2004-01-27, 05:26
Thanks to all the responses I have got a much better idea of what I need relative to cost now.


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Subject: [slim] Connecting SqueezeBox via Digital or Analog?

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>Subject: [slim] Connecting SqueezeBox via Digital or Analog?
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> > Is the sound quality better if I connect my SqueezeBox to the
> > digital in's of a amp? (or does this depend on the quality of the
> > "digital to analogue" converter in the amp?)
> >
> > Or does it work equally as well via phono?
>You're probably better getting a good amp, and using good
>than settling for an amp you can find with a digital in... I'd spend £20
>- 30 on interconnects. Check here for a selection:

Its all down to how much you want to pay...
With low cost receivers the squeeze is probably better.
With expensive receivers or a good standalone DAC, the digital out will be
the one to use.