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2007-12-15, 11:26
I've searched for details on this forum and failed to find the answer!

I've owned my squeezebox for around a month and while the principle benefit (to me) is listening to my music collection, the secondary reason is to listen to football on Radio 5.

I'm running everything off a Mac G4, live in London, have Virgin broadband and use a standard wireless connection. All the BBC channels are fine, except on Radio 5, I get a repeat message saying something like, 'that due to a licensing agreement they are unable to broadcast the item that's currently on air'.

I can listen to it, sitting at my Mac on the BBC site - but I want to stream it. There must be a way!

All help very gratefully received.

Also can't get Heart & Magic to work, but it's the football that's important!

2007-12-15, 14:55
There are two RealAudio URLs for Radio 5 - international and UK. You can only use these
URLs with AlienBBC not on Squeezenetwork.

International - no live coverage

UK - should have live coverage but I cannot test.

However since you are in London then your problem is really your ISP and the BBC who think you are not in UK. Talk to your ISP.

2007-12-15, 15:31
I get that message for the Champions League matches but all the other football on 5 comes over AlienBBC ok.

2007-12-16, 05:12
Hi haveitall,
I live in London and have no luck in receiving the decent London local stations.
I think its because all the feeds come from USA.
But no probs with 5 Live. I'm listening to it now. Just register with RadioTime and put 5 Live in favourite.
PS let me know if you can get LBC, London Live or Smooth anywhere.
Would be very gratefull.