View Full Version : Default Squeezebox Volume

2007-12-15, 05:27
I have just got my Squeezebox

but its volume is very low

I've added it to my Arcam amp (via the aux input) and I have to have the volume on the amp much higher than all other things attached to it.

Its a real pain, having to have the volume for listening to the squeezebox at more than twice anything else. gives me an ear blasting when ever I switch back

I have the volume right up on the squeeze box.

is there any way to force it higher?


2007-12-15, 23:04
There is an attentuation that can be made in this through the web interface. It can be applied to either digital or analog as I recall. I would check to make sure it isn;t attentuated.

I would also check your input. Isn't Aux often similar to phono and has a different line level than other inputs?