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2007-12-15, 04:55
I have just got my SqueezeBox + transferred all my albums to my NAS with slimserver. :o)

I did listen using WindowsMP (from which I ripped all the CDs -> mp3)
So all names are set up via WMP.

But some names are wrong/inconsistant - but iTunes won't let me edit the name - how do I do this?
It won't even let me edit the rating!

Also the Squeezebox will play some mp3s that my pc will not, why may this be?


2007-12-17, 07:30
Windows Media player has a different idea of which tags to use for things than iTunes. For example, the "rating" tag is probably different in WMP and iTunes.

The best way to tag mp3's for iTunes, IMHO, is to download mp3tag www.mp3tag.de/en - remove all bar id3 v2.3 tags and then remove all tags that you aren't going to use, such as (for example) bpm etc. You can't see what tags are actually on your file until you look at it in a good tagger - things like iTunes only display tags they understand.

mp3tag can do hugely powerful bulk tag operations, and could for example, be set to copy all of your rating tags set by WMP into a new tag that iTunes understands

Have a read of the mp3tag forums for more!

2007-12-22, 13:47
I wasn't actually grumbling about the transfer, but just working within iTunes. I-Tunes just won't let me edit any data for the music.
eg one album has the ARTIST in uppercase another album has the Artist as just first letter as uppercase.
Squeezebox is case sensitive so the same artist is gived as 2 different ones.
I'd like to rename the ARTIST to Artist - but iTunes just won't let me. - it won't even let me edit the rating!
Possibly I have to upgrade my iTunes from the free one?

2007-12-22, 14:44
Are you trying to change tags in iTunes when the music is listed under LIBRARY or when it's listed under MORE (in the left-hand side headings of iTunes)?

If it's the latter I don't believe tag editing can be done that way; you'll need to create the iTunes library on the NAS so it appears under the library heading. ALT + start iTunes on a Mac, or SHIFT + start iTunes on a PC to get to the create iTunes library dialog. Doing this will mean you'll need to drag and drop your music into iTunes again.

If this isn't what your looking for I apologise. I'll blame it on the festive preps that are keeping me going like something possessed. Or it's the beer...