View Full Version : Controlling Logitech Z-5500 speakers

2007-12-13, 19:28
so I got my SB3 hooked up to a shiny set of Z-5500 speakers and all is good.
well it'll probably be better when I get it connected via the optical link because at the moment with the coax digital link the speakers turn out not to be very smart... they power up looking only at the optical input and then just sit there ;(

it's actually okay when I'm in the room because I've got the remote and I can point it and make magic happen (hopefully at the weekend I'll get the Harmony controlling everything) but... when I'm in the next room using the web service to control things it means I have to have left the speakers on and connected to the right input (not turned them off when I shut down the Xbox or left them on a different input). On and for some reason it keeps wanting to reset to plain stereo rather than the third or fourth effect setting which drives all the speakers properly.

now in an ideal work Logitech would bring out a small retrofit for the SB3 that allows me to plug it into the Z-5500 controller (and possibly other models) and.... but that's not today (but I can hope for that, and a pony!)

so... is there a solution using the IrBlaster capabilities of the SB3 that someone can point me to (note - I'm time poor, attention deficient, easily distracted and annoyed... so it's got to be simple...) so I can use the SB3 to turn on the Z-5500 if needed, make sure the right input and effect is selected enjoy music without having to get off my bum?

thanks for listening ;)