View Full Version : Any recommdations for amps to use with SqueezeBox?(prefwith digital in)

Oliver Cookson
2004-01-27, 04:29
Ahh thanks!

Are you running the SqueezeBox to amp via digital or just normal phono

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(prefwith digital in)

I bought a 2nd hand Cyrus 3 for the same reason, works well. Lots of
options for amps though, suggest a browse through hi-fi worlds
'recommended' pages, covers new & 2nd hand hardware.

>I'm looking to buy a new amplifier to use downstairs with my new
>squeezebox. I have just bought myself a pair of Monitor Audio B2 shelf
>speakers and some Atlas speaker cable, all that I need now is a good
>amp to power it all.
>I'm not to fussed about running anything else though the amp (though I
>might add a CD player or DAB radio at some point).
>I'm based in the UK if that makes any difference.
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Cheers Oliver