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2007-12-10, 00:55
I have been having issues with my Remote Control for a couple of months. When the power button was pressed the Squeezebox 3 came on, but pressing any other buttons did nothing.

I enabled the logging of remote commands and only saw the presses of the power button.

This hasn't been too much of a problem as I have been using my laptop to control the Squeezebox. However, I recently rebuilt the PC running the server. The IP address has changed. As a result the Squeezebox is asking me to setup networking etc. As the Remote doesn't appear to be working I can't do this.

Has anybody else had issues with the remote control like this. Should I just buy a replacement to solve my problems?


2007-12-10, 01:22
Change the battery - a weak battery has enough charge to turn on SB but then not enough for any other button.

Check the remote is working by using a digital camera/video camera/mobile phone camera as they are sensitive to IR light from remote.

View the LED at the front of the remote through the camera - when you press button - you should see LED light up if remote is working.

2007-12-10, 05:44
I tried changing the battery, with what should have been a new one - but I'll double check it.

I'll also give the camera trick a try.


2007-12-10, 19:38

The IR transmitting LED protrudes a bit from the newer "candy bar" remotes. At least a couple of users (out of thousands???) have reported the sorts of problems you describe. Take a look at this thread:

I don't know how handy you are with solder, but it sounds like it could be a pretty easy fix if that's the problem.

Good luck.


2007-12-10, 20:06
I had very similar symptoms and it there were small cracks in the solder that connected the IR emitter. I re-soldered them and the remote is working great. If you have never soldered before it is very easy.