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2007-12-08, 16:58
I have a Squeezebox and a Synology-NAS-server (207+) with Slimserver 6.5.4 on it. When I connect the Squeeze box to the wireless router, it works well with 2 albums, but when I try to play for instands 20 albums, the music starts to play for a few seconds and the text still bufferings appears, afther a while the music starts to play again for a few seconds and the the same text appears.

When I do the same not wireless It still doesn't work also the text buffering appears in the screen.

When I install Slimserver on my PC with windows XP and connect the Squeezebox wireless to my router everything works OK.

Does anyone knows how to solve the problem.



Mark Lanctot
2007-12-10, 08:19
Sounds like a server hardware/capability problem.

Diagnose using http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?DiagnosingPerformanceIssues