View Full Version : Can't get SB to work? DOA?

2007-12-08, 07:38
I just got an SB, as a christmas gift, too.

When I plug it into the power outlet, it just shows the Logitech logo very briefly (maybe half a second) - it scrolls to about a middle of the display and then it disappears. And that's it. Nothing else shows on the display. I tried pressing every single button on the remote - nothing.

I tried resetting it by holding the 'add' buton while connecting it to power. Again, same thing.

Is my SB defective or am I doing something wrong?

2007-12-08, 08:07
When I press and hold the left arrow button, it briefly flashes some text on the screen, but within a split second it disappears, so I can't even tell what it says.

I also tried a different remote (Harmony 880), and it behaves the same way, so I doubt it's an issue with a remote.

Starting to wonder if it could be a problem with the power suppy/voltage out of range.

2007-12-08, 19:58
Ohh, ouch, sounds like a bad unit. You could try putting a voltmeter on the PSU. Any 5 volt >= 1 amp DC brick should work, so you could try another PSU.

Call slimdevices support, they should be able to get you figure out if it's broken, and get you a new unit asap if it's broke.