View Full Version : Mac nightly restart script?

2007-12-07, 21:28
Hi all,

I've got an iMac but don't know all of the ins and outs of it. I need to find a way to make the slimserver restart every night. I'm running the superdatetime plug-in and it seems to get hung up about once a day or so. The only way to get an accurate temperature is to stop and restart the server.

Does anyone know how to create a script to stop and start the server every night on a mac?


Eric Seaberg
2007-12-08, 08:52
Go to the ENERGY SAVER preference pane and click on SCHEDULE in the bottom right corner. There you can set a schedule for SHUT DOWN and STARTUP.

We use this on all of our production Macs at our studios to turn things off over the weekend when no one is there. They all shut down late Friday night after the tape backup has run and startup Monday morning before everyone comes back in.

Saves a little bit of energy...

2007-12-08, 17:21
Well, I keep my mac running all of the time, so that won't help me out. I think I can set up a cron job to run in the middle of the night. I always forget that the Mac os is built on top of unix...