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2007-12-07, 13:15
Hi again

Im already very impressed with this forum, since I got some good replies on my first question very fast. Now I have another one, and hope you can help me out once again :-)

I can easily rename my favorite radio stations on squeezeNetwork, but on my local device/SlimServer I am having some problems. I found something in this old topic:
But if I do as it says here, SlimServer keeps overwriting whatever I manually write in the file, with the old info, with the URL as the name. I have tried in many diffrent orders, shutting down the server. Editing the file. Starting the server. and so on. Im have a SB v3 with Firmware Version: 81. Using the latest SlimServer Version: 6.5.4 on Win XP.
I was thinking that maybe now there is a better way of renaming my favorite radiostations to something else than just the long URL.



2007-12-07, 15:12

2007-12-07, 15:20
Auronthas - you have hijacked Smeagol's thread which is about favorites renaming in Slimserver 6.5.

Your problem seems to be a but and it relates to renaming in Squeezecenter 7.0 - it would better to start a new thread as it is totally different and it is not easy to track two different problems in the same thread.

Renaming favorites in SS 6.5.x is difficult. It usually means editing a text file when Slimserver is stopped. It would be better to use the MyPicks Plugin ( http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?MyPicks ) for managing lists of
radio URLs.

The Favorites functionality has been rewritten in next version SC 7.0 and it uses a lot of MyPicks.

2007-12-07, 15:26
Noted and i have done so as per your advice. :)

2007-12-08, 07:44
I will have a look at that!. Thank you Bpa :-)