View Full Version : Moody Jive idea

2007-12-07, 10:50

Here's a seed of an idea. wouldn't it be great to have a a mood based system for squeezecentre that was user defined and easy to use for anyone.

I know there's musicmagic, pandora, moodlogic? which are great for what they provide, however, especially with guests around, these can provide quite suprising music matches.

I glanced at http://www.crayonroom.com/moody.php and thought it would be fantastic see this on the jive device.

The way I would see it going:

Of course, use the moody colour matix to represent mood

The jive could have 2 'moody' modes
Learning & select modes

Simply, in learning mode, when tracks are playing, each playing track could be marked with a mood by selecting from the matrix.

In moody play mode: Show moodymatrix & select mood colur with the jive device.

Whad'ya reckon ?