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2007-12-07, 10:19

I've just got my SB v3 up and running, and so far it seems like it does as I hoped it would :-)

At the moment I only have one question. Is it possible to use a network disk as server. I mean I would like to use the SB to play my local mp3 files without having to turn on the computer? I can see that the option mp3tunes might work, but I would also like to keep my files locally.

Hope that someone can help on this question. Thank you.

Mark Lanctot
2007-12-07, 10:39
There's a whole forum devoted to this:


In short, yes, but it must be one of the supported ones.

2007-12-07, 10:43
The short answer is yes. The longer answer is "yes, maybe." Most consumer-oriented network disks (aka, Network Attached Storage, or NAS) are configured to prevent the user from installing programs. But (a) some permit users to install programs, and (b) others can be hacked to give you the access you need to install slimserver. See the Slim Devices wiki on the subject at: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?BeginnersGuideToServers

You'll also find a lot of discussion of this in the 3rd Party Hardware forum on this board. Common NAS brand names in use among SB owners are Thecus, QNAP, Infrant, Synology, Buffalo, and Kurobox. I happen to use a Buffalo LinkStation - works great.

2007-12-07, 10:54
Cool guys. Thanks alot for the fast replies :-)

2007-12-07, 11:31
Installing SlimNAS on top of FreeNAS is another option. FreeNAS can be installed on virtually any PC and turn it into a NAS. SlimNAS is Slimserver packaged with some installation scripts that allow SlimServer to be installed on a FreeNAS system.

This allows you the freedom to pick the type of machine you'd like to use. Want to make use of an old P3 that's sitting around? Go ahead. Concerned about power usage, noise, etc.? You can set up a low power PC with it.

If you search the forums you'll find plenty of info on it. I'm not actually using it, but I installed it to play with it and was quite impressed.

Here's a link to a long thread on SlimNAS: