View Full Version : Can you get an iTunes playlist into Slim....

2007-12-07, 03:25
....without telling Slimserver to use iTunes?

Reason being that I use Slim & flac's at home for 'serious' listening, but, have a directory of the same but in mp3 for my iPod. I've got a few playlists and wanted to call on one but realised they are only in iTunes. Hence, can you get a playlist from iTunes into Slim ? If I tell Slim to use Itunes, I expect it'll grab the mp3's which I don't want.

Any nifty ways of doing that ?


Craig, James \(IT\)
2007-12-07, 10:46
If you run SlimServer & iTunes on the same Windows box,
you can use my iTunesPartyShuffle plugin to play iTunes playlists on
SlimServer without scanning the iTunes library.
Any tracks encountered that aren't already in the SlimServer library are
scanned and added.
They're played in the same way as the 'Random Mix', so tracks are added
on demand, rather than loading the whole playlist

It won't play the flac versions instead of the MP3s and it will leave
the MP3s in the SlimServer library
(they might disappear after the next rescan, I'm not sure?)



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2007-12-08, 01:47
Thanks James. The more I think about this the more I think it's going to be a case of sitting and redoing it manually to make sure I get the flac's.

2007-12-08, 02:49
Isn't it possible to save the playlist as a m3u file in iTunes ?
If that is the case you should at least be able to open that m3u file and just replace all the extensions an then scan it into SlimServer. Of course, this requires that the FLAC files is named the samed way as the MP3 files.