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2007-12-05, 22:14

I was trying to use the "Tune in URL" function to listen to a stream. The URL is:
This works fine in iTunes, but not in ss. In the webui it says "playlist empty", and for about 5-10 secs it says "Connecting", but then that goes away. I also tried the above URL with ".pls" at the end (since I think that's what it really is) but that didn't work either. Curious that it works in iTunes but not ss. Any ideas?

BTW, I run ss 6.5.1 on XP using the Fishbone skin and a squeezebox.


2007-12-06, 10:32
Hmm, definitely something weird going on with that stream. Tried it with SS 6.5.4 - didn't work. Then tried with Foobar - no go. Winamp 5.5 plays the stream, but the music is corrupted (sounds like those hiccups you get from playing a scratched cd). XMPlay, however, plays the stream flawlessly.

It looks like it's a variable bit rate stream (Winamp reports it as fluctuating between 110-125 kbps) - maybe that's what is causing trouble?

Stream info in Winamp looks weird too:

Network received: 1169849 bytes
Content-Type: text/plain
Stream name: opbmusic

Below is what stream info for a "normal" Shoutcast stream looks like:

Network received: 266677 bytes
Server: Firehose Ultravox/SHOUTcast Relay Server/Linux v2.5.5
Content-Type: audio/mpeg
Metadata received: 90 bytes
Metadata interval: 24576 bytes
Stream name: SomaFM presents: Indie Pop Rocks! [SomaFM]
Current title: A Northern Chorus - Red Carpet Blues

Too bad it doesn't work with SS - they play some pretty fine music.