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2007-12-04, 11:27
Hi Everyone,

I looked around and was surprised that I found no previous references to this subject.
I've got my SqueezeBox hooked up to my stereo already, so why can't I use it to play more than just audio files?
I can use it to play the soundtrack of movies from my HTPC instead of connecting an additional channel, I can use it to stream game sounds while i'm playing.
I think it should be fairly easy to "capture" whatever is currently playing through the sound card (there are many sound capture utilities around that can save to mp3...) and stream it to squeezebox.
What do you think?
Any Squeezebox developers up 4 it?
Is there already something that I missed that can do the trick?
Thanks and have a great day...

2007-12-04, 11:31
Try this: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=205598

2007-12-04, 11:57
The trick with movies and games is that latency is a killer: any delay will cause a movie to be badly lipsynced and be annoying even on BubbleBobble for games.

Game developers and Video-player devs work hard to get as close to the soundcard itself as they can so they can time things precisely. Adding in several layers of code would make them cry.

2007-12-04, 12:34
Hi guys,

Thanks, that's what i was looking for.
The delay might be an issue...
Will a high quality sound card with low latency help here?

Thanks again

2007-12-04, 13:12
The soundcard isn't involved, you're capturing the stream before it reaches the hardware. The latency comes from all the buffering and network transmission between the source application and the SB.

2007-12-04, 14:01
Just when I was hoping I might not have to run cables all across the room from my HTPC which is located near the projector at the back of the room...
Oh well...

Thanks again for your helpful advice...

2007-12-04, 14:54
Maybe this can help you... I've never tried it, but keep it in my bookmarks for further looking at...


2007-12-04, 15:00
If all you want is a "virtual wire" - you could try this:


It's from some shady-sounding startup operation called "Logitech" :)