View Full Version : squeezebox screen size?

2007-12-03, 16:07
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the size of the letters on the display generally is - my wife is practically blind, and before i buy I'd like to know if she could read it or not.


2007-12-04, 03:43
You can change the size of the text by pressing a button on the remote. It can go from very small up to full screen height.

If you download SlimServer, install it and run SoftSqueeze (you can find it in the help pages) this will give you an idea how the system operates.

SoftSqueeze is a Java emulation of an SB and a Transporter. I haven't used it in a while, but it gived you a pretty good idea of the look and feel of SlimServer and the SB.

2007-12-04, 04:52
If its of any help at a guess i'd say try out squeezesoft and have a look for yourself, but on largest the letters will be the full height of the SB screen practically.

At a comparison, if you have microsoft word, change the font to arial, and the zoom level to 100%, i'd say the letters were at least a font size 36 on the screen. Anyone car to correct me feel free, I don't have my SB in front of me to compare.

Just realised this obviously depends on screen size and resolution.

probably best to ignore me and read the message below ;-)

2007-12-04, 06:05
hi dystopias!

just measured and tested mine... ;-)

(text-)display size is 1.5cm hight x ~13cm width (usable).

@ max fontsize very readable, but your wife would still have to get quite close to it.
i myself am very near-sighted (~-2.7) and need to get about 50cm close to be able to read the display @ max fontsize without my glasses.

oh, and softsqueeze may not be quite original size, depending on your PC screen size and resolution! (on mine, the large softsqueeze display is only ~1.1cm high)

hope that helps!