View Full Version : SKY FM... high bit rate feed

Eric Seaberg
2007-12-02, 18:42
I see that SKY.fm is listed in the SLIM PICKS list, but that's usually the 96kbps feed. If I were to PAY for a subscription, where would I enter the IP address to access?

Eric Seaberg
2007-12-02, 19:18
Well I actually found where to paste a URL to play and I can SAVE the playlist to get back there later, but SKY.fm wants their PREMIUM users to login. I guess that's not an option with SlimServer, eh?

Is there anyway to add an "ID/PASSWORD" area in the Internet Radio area of the server?

2007-12-02, 20:06
It usually works if you use a URL of the form http://user:pass@www.whatever.com/