View Full Version : SlimServer scans Everything

2007-12-02, 18:34
I've configured Slimserver to look at my NAS (Server Settings, Basic Settings, Music Folder). I've told it to clear the library and rescan (Server Settings, Basic Settings, Rescan Music Library). Yet the software scans not only the network device, but every "my music" (and, I assume, everything else) on the computer I'm using. This makes my Transporter include all the crapola that my kids listen to when randomly playing tunes.

How do I get Slimserver to look at ONLY my NAS when cataloging?

2007-12-02, 23:27
If you have Slimserver set to look in a folder on the NAS, it should only scan in that folder and below UNLESS you have links to other music locations in the places where Slimserver is set to scan.

At a guess you either have playlists stored somewhere on your NAS which refer to the other music stored in My Music or you have a shortcut or link stored on the NAS to the other locations where music is being dragging in from.

Delete the playlists or the shortcut, do a full clear and rescan and all should be sorted - let us know if not.

2007-12-03, 22:04
Looks like the kids were loading their own music into *my* audio folder. Sorry for the false alarm.

Maybe they could set up a playlist (on my nas) that references their own music wherever. Does scanning for new/changed music scan playlists as well? (I guess what I would like is if it didn't.)