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2004-01-26, 15:53
The squeeze hardware itself is 802.11b only, so unless a new unit comes out
the answer would be no.

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Oops. Will there be any easy way for existing Squeezebox uers to
upgrade to 802.11g? I just bought all new 802.11g equipment for my home
and now the SqueezeBox is the only 802.11b device left....

Bob Myers

dave (AT) davidrodger (DOT) com wrote on Monday, January 26, 2004 8:46 AM:

> Sorry--just wanted to answer my own question. I read this on
> the FAQ on the SlimDevices site:
> "If you have an 802.11g network, adding any 802.11b device
> (including Squeezebox) will cause the overall performance of
> your network to slow down. The amount of that slowdown
> depends on the devices in your network, but our tests
> indicate that a mixed 802.11b/802.11g network will see
> overall performance reduced to about half of the full rated
> 802.11g performance."
> So I guess I have my answer. Sorry for posting before
> reading the FAQ completely...
> -dave