View Full Version : slimserver 6.5.4 on openSUSE 10.3 x86_64

2007-12-02, 16:03
I would like to follow up on thread "Slim 6.5.2 with Fedora 7 64 bits ?"

I am seeing the same problem as the other user. I receive the error: "The following modules failed to load: YAML::Syck". RPM package perl-YAML-Syck-0.95-8 is installed from the distribution.

I suppose I could install all of the dev components needed to run build-perl-modules.pl, but before I do that, is there any additional information you could use to fix this?

2007-12-03, 23:00
Not a lot of help, but I have no idea how I resolved this particular issue--probably by building the modules.

My contribution is that I got it working, so I know it's possible ;)