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2007-12-02, 13:00
I've seen a couple of different pictures of remote controls for the Squeezebox 3 and I was wondering whether there has been a change in the supplied remote recently, possibly since Logitech have been involved?

Is the remote pictured below the one which is now supplied or is it that the transporter remote?

2007-12-02, 15:08
That's the SB remote. I believe the transporter comes with the backlit remote, which is the same size and shape. The main difference in appearance bewteen the regular and backlit candy bar remotes is the power button. On the regular/SB remote, the power logo is white (white logo painted on the face of a red button). On the backlit remote, it's black (red painted on the face of a black button).

2007-12-02, 15:10
My transponder remote has a red power button. Could have changed, I have a very early Transponder, got it a month or two after they were announced.

2007-12-02, 15:37
Ah ok! Thanks for that, I'd only ever seen the shorter/stubbier remotes before.

2007-12-02, 15:41
Here's a picture of various Squeezebox remotes. Left to right, the remote from a Squeezebox 1G (same matte finish as Squeezebox 1 and Squeezebox2 cases), the remote from a Squeezebox 2 (no longer matte, adds Favorites button), the remote from a Squeezebox v3 (high-gloss black, adds Browse button), and the backlit remote (same finish and layout as v3).

2007-12-03, 02:27
Thank you for the pictures, that makes things a lot clearer. I'm surprised that all the remotes are roughly the same length. I much prefer the newer form factor.

One of the things which confused me was the picture on the slim devices homepage, as the angle the remote is shown at makes it difficult to see what it looks like. In fairness focusing on the beautiful design of the Squeezebox is definitely the right way to go :)

2007-12-03, 04:29
... the remote from a Squeezebox 2 (no longer matte, adds Favorites button...
I don't think the remotes and Squeezebox versions are quite one-to-one in the manner you imply. For example, the remote that came with my SB2 (from April 2005) is the same as the one you describe as for the SB1G (ie. matte finish, no favourites button).

Another point: the backlight on the Transporter remote eats batteries. After not very long the backlight stops working (but the remote still works). Fresh batteries are needed quite frequently if you need the backlight.