View Full Version : Slimserver on Solaris

Jason Holtzapple
2004-01-26, 15:41
It should work with Solaris 9's built in perl (5.6.1) as the only missing
module (Time::HiRes) is included with the SlimServer bundle.

There's only a module for Sparc, but i386 could be compiled and
bundled pretty easily.

P.S. Have you tried installing the latest version of patch 108974
to resolve your Ultra 5/large IDE disk problem?


--- Steve Pawsey-Bowerman <steve.pawsey-bowerman (AT) virgin (DOT) net> wrote:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I though you need Perl 5.8 + to run Slimserver.
> Mine runs on Red Hat, but I've played with it on Solaris 8 with Perl 5.8 and
> it was fine. The only reason I went back to RedHat was because I couldn't
> get my 250gb HD working with my Ultra5. I've also had it working on one of
> my E420's at work (but thats another story.....!!)

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