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2007-12-01, 07:41
I've got one album that always shows up under "Unknown Artist" when the artist is known. The track artist shows up correctly but somehow the Album Artist is flagged as Unknown so the album shows up in SS under "U" all of the time. I've looked at various places (mp3tag and MusicIP fix tags being the main ones) to change the tag but cannot figure out how to change this particular tag.

Does anyone know of a package that will allow changing the Album Artist tag?


2007-12-01, 08:59
You'd be better off posting this Q under "ripping & encoding".
Is this a compilation you're talking about? Which format - flac?
On which tags SS supports see:
and BTW you can add which tags you'd like in mp3tag (prefs) but be sure SS supports it/them.

2007-12-01, 09:25
Yes, I realized that a couple of minutes after posting it here - sorry for the double post. I added a print screen of what SC is displaying in the ripping forum post. It looks like it thinks that the Album Artist is "Unknown Artist" when the track artist is all I can figure out how to set. I didn't see an entry for "Album Artist" in the link you provided. Since this is the beta SC I might have to post over in the beta section - I thought that this might be non-SC specific, though, so I started over here.
Thanks for the response!!