View Full Version : Bandwidth usage

2007-12-01, 03:58
Thought someone may find this useful?

Bandwidth used by SP3 over WLAN. As you can see one area was streaming FLAC and the Other Streaming BBC Radio6.

2007-12-01, 04:13
By default Slimserver/AlienBBC normally transcodes RealAudio into Flac so it is strange there is such a difference if they are both Flac.

Is your Slimserver set to transcode RealAudio into MP3 or Flac ?

2007-12-01, 04:14
I think it's MP3.

Do you know off the top of your head where to check - FYI - Linux.

2007-12-01, 07:42
Server Settings/Filetypes

Which (if any) RTSP setting are unchecked.

If RTSP->FLAC is unchecked then MP3 will be used.

2007-12-01, 08:14
All RTSP options are checked:

RTSP FLAC mplayer.sh/flac
RTSP MP3 mplayer.sh/lame
RTSP WAV mplayer.sh