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Roderick Manzie
2004-01-26, 14:09
I use Windows Media Player, v9, and bought the cyberlink MP3 Powerencoder
for about $10.

This conveniently rips everything into directories, media player is very
good at recognising the albums and adding the album stuff to the directory
tree, it organises it, then I point the slim server at the same base
directory and they both work together.


Roderick Manzie


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I use itunes, which automatically gets tags from CDDB. It puts all the music
in the itunes folder, which you then point the Squeezebox at. Too easy!


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Hi guys,
I know that many of you in the Linux world use Grip for your MP3 ripping,
and I envy you enormously, unfortunately with only one PC to use for web &
email server, MP3 and Homeseer server and alarm and other home automation
kit, I'm having to stay away from Linux for now. I have ripped around 6000
tracks so far (I'm up to 'G' in my CD collection) and am getting mightily
fed up with MP3Producer which I've used to date. It uses Freedb for the
track data which works very well, but apart from that I must manually tell
it to get the track data from the web, I must manually specify an output
folder (it cannot automatically create Artist\Album folders) and then I
have to click on Start, I know it sounds a bit petty, but after 500 CDs it
starts getting pretty tiresome.

Does anyone know of an MP3 ripper for XP that will recognise a new CD, get
the ID3 tags from the net and automatically rip to a folder structure that
it creates itself without any clicking?



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