View Full Version : Earn $400 by patching slim server for me please...

2007-11-30, 13:56
I have a few hours work for anyone who knows slimserver real well. It is discussed on this thread:


It's an enhancement to the browse music folder view so album art is displayed there. I need it for verion 6.5.3.

Reward $400... Please please please help!!!!!!

Alternatively I could send CLI from a php web site running on my qnap drive. Then I could auto generate a complete a wesite of many pages with a button next to each album that I can click to play. It would not show now playing etc but at least it would be super fast and contain art images.

I guess I would send "... power 1", "... playlist clear" "... playlist play \\\ext%\Music\Classical\Arenzana\" to play the entire album.

I will have to build some php socket code and send this stuff... I guess it is not so hard

2007-11-30, 15:01
Ah yes this is the way forward for me. Forget the $400!

I will set it up so in each folder you can put a comments.txt file as well as a folder.jpg and then when you click on Classical you see a list of subdirectories and the Bach one has a little picture of him plus some history. I can even add a link to him on wiki. Very cool.

I will write the html generation code in vba using www.exceltagger.com and all i need is a little php socket code you post the album directory location to that connects to slimserver and plays. I can have a button on the site for each of the players in my house.

for example this code i quickly tried works:

$fp = fsockopen("", 9090, $errno , $errstr , 30);

$out = "00:04:20:07:2c:5a power 1\n";
$out .= "00:04:20:07:2c:5a playlist clear\n";
$out .= "00:04:20:07:2c:5a playlist play ///ext/Music/Classical/Arenzana/\n";

fwrite($fp, $out);


2007-11-30, 16:51
so its going to look like this... and then you click on the artist to see the albumns