View Full Version : Is there a portable Squeezebox with Speakers in the offing?

2007-11-28, 05:28
I really love to look and functionality of the current squeezebox and i'm considering purchasing one for the living room to hook upto the Amp etc with my collection on the NAS.

But i'd also a truly portable version. Do Logitech have any plans to make a Squeezebox in a similar mould to the fantasic MM50?


Or maybe even something a little chunkier with a similar sound to the Pure Evoke DAB radio?

I know slimdevices is very much the realm of the audiophile at times, but if they could nail the portable side too, wow, i'd be first in line.

2007-11-28, 05:50
Logitech and Slim Devices generally do not comment on new products very far in advance of their release. A portable/semi-portable SB has been discussed regularly on these forums for years. Search the forums for "boombox" or "portable" and you'll find all kinds of ideas being kicked around, and some very creative DIY solutions.