View Full Version : Trans-Atlantic Squeezboxen... (and working sync!)

Howard Durdle
2004-01-26, 09:40
I received my first Squeezebox today (ready to join its little SliMP3
brother in the house).

For those in the UK who are interested, the costs of importing a SB break
down like this:

$299.00 SB
$ 60.13 UPS Express
$359.13 Total

That, at the time I purchased, was approx 197 UKP. UK Customs added their
evil-empire charge of 45 UKP, so it cost me 242 UKP for my wireless
Squeezebox, UPS shipping AND the UK customs charges. Only 8 cheaper than
buying from a UK distributor.

And, syncing works, brilliantly! I've just listened to an album and every
so often I went and stood halfway up the stairs... As far as my ears can
tell, the boxes are perfectly synced!

Kudos to all at Slim, I was a happy customer with the original device, and
I'm happier still with my new toy.


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