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2007-11-27, 06:38
Hello, I'm going to be purchasing a couple of SB3's to setup multiroom audio in my house. I won't be able to purchase them until after Christmas though so I was hoping to do a trial run on the old PCs I have, and if it works keep them running alongside the SB3s. The setup I have in mind is 1 PC connected to my home cinema in the lounge, and the other PC hooked up to my router in the hallway (with speakers feeding the kitchen). The hallway PC wouldn't have a monitor, is it possible to just set the songs/playslists on the lounge PC and have the hallway PC simply play the same material?

Sorry if this question has been asked before, I've been lurking in the forums for a while but haven't seen anything that matched.

2007-11-27, 06:55
Yes, you can create the playlist for the hallway computer from the other. You'll have to use the web interface to do it. Controlling the players via the web interface varies by the player.

Are you planning to use the stream.mp3 or softsqueeze?

2007-11-27, 08:45
I was planning on using softsqueeze I think...are there advantages/disadvantages to using it?

2007-11-27, 08:56
Softsqueeze will appear in the web UI like any hardware player will. It's not as stable as a hardware player, but that's my experience using it from the PC it's playing on. You may have a better experience using it from another PC.