View Full Version : 802.11b vs. 802.11g?

2004-01-26, 08:36

I've got a SlimP3 and a 802.11g wireless bridge, which I
love. I'd like to add a second unit, so I was going to pick
up the wireless Squeezebox--but I was concerned about
something I read on this list a few days (week?) ago about
how an 802.11g network drops back across the entire network
to 802.11b-speeds if there's at least one device that isn't
802.11g capable. Is this true for all such networks? Is it
mistaken? (My fallback would be to buy the wired Squeezebox
and plug another 802.11g bridge in, I think, so I'm just
trying to decide which direction to go.)

Thanks for any comments.

Dave Rodger
dave (AT) davidrodger (DOT) com