View Full Version : Squeeze Network, Internet Radio not working

2007-11-25, 18:37
Have purchased Squeezebox.v3 this past week. I can get Squeezebox to play my mp3 library through a wireless connection (via Slimserver), however I cannot access any Internet Radio or the Squeezenetwork. I am using a Linksys wireless G compact USB adapter and a Linksys Wireless -G Broadband router. My DSL rouetr /modem is a Westell from ATT&T. I cannot connect the DSL / Modem to the desktop using ethernet, only through a USB(therefore the use of the USB wireless adapter).

Obviously, something I am doing is a major oversight. Not computer savy. I cannot obtain a pin number from the Squeeze Network, and I cannot access the Internet when the USB adapter is on. When it is on, I can only access the Squeezebox and my hard drive library.

Can anyone trouble shoot?


2007-11-26, 08:14
Sounds like you need to setup Internet Connection Sharing (I'm assuming you're running XP here).

Take a read of this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306126

You can ignore the "On the client computer" section as the SB3 is the client in this case.