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2004-01-26, 07:38
I like EAC as well, but couldn't find a way to automatically rip once
the CD is inserted and recognized.

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EAC, Exact Audio Copy with Lame. EAC is very similiar to Grip.

john (AT) quirkshop (DOT) co.uk wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I know that many of you in the Linux world use Grip for your MP3
>ripping, and I envy you enormously, unfortunately with only one PC to
>use for web & email server, MP3 and Homeseer server and alarm and other

>home automation kit, I'm having to stay away from Linux for now. I have

>ripped around 6000 tracks so far (I'm up to 'G' in my CD collection)
>and am getting mightily fed up with MP3Producer which I've used to
>date. It uses Freedb for the track data which works very well, but
>apart from that I must manually tell it to get the track data from the
>web, I must manually specify an output folder (it cannot automatically
>create Artist\Album folders) and then I have to click on Start, I know
>it sounds a bit petty, but after 500 CDs it starts getting pretty
>Does anyone know of an MP3 ripper for XP that will recognise a new CD,
>get the ID3 tags from the net and automatically rip to a folder
>structure that it creates itself without any clicking?
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