View Full Version : Sync feedback and DHCP

Andrew Lucas
2004-01-26, 07:03
Some feedback on sync.

Using the 24th nightly build, I left 2 squeeze and one slim sync'd (all
wired) all day repeating one album, all was fine.
Later in the evening I changed the album using the remote on the slim, all
was fine initially but one track played back about 1 second late on the
slim, the squeeze's were fine. At the start of the next track all the
devices re-sync'd fine.


I have a cisco catalyst switch, when a device is connected/turned on it
takes a while to open up the port, with the slimp3 this is no big deal as it
keeps trying to reach a dhcp server, the squeeze though times out and needs
manual intervention which is a nuisance as I have to go to each squeeze
whenever I do anything to get them going again.

Could the squeeze rather than stopping, simply warn that a dhcp server hasnt
been reached, it could still provide a message saying 'press right to
manually configure' but continue seeking dhcp in the background? Either that
or extend the time out another 20 seconds or so.