View Full Version : Squeezebox Publicity Sighting...

2007-11-24, 13:37
A big electronics retailer in the province of Quebec (Dumoulin) had a large publicity catalog insert in one of the major newspapers here in Montreal (La Presse) today. On p. 27, there's a Logitech corner, with three items: Harmony H550, H1000 and the Squeezebox (3). A tad on the expensive side at $CAN368.88, but that's typical for this kind of place, I guess...

As for me, I want a sale! My two Slimp3s (!) are getting a little old... Can't wait for a Jive-powered product to show up!

2007-11-27, 11:22
See this thread for more discussion: Dumoulin is the QC version of Audiotronic.
I'm also anticipating a deal or two somewhere down the road......