View Full Version : Wireless Problem

Neil Baldwin
2004-01-26, 04:21
I use an Apple Airport for my wireless network which includes 2 PCs and
a Apple Powerbook. All 3 machines use the Airport base station through
which my ADSL router is connected and each machine can "see" each other
on the network (this is only relevant as it illustrates that in other
respects I have no problem with my setup).

Add to this my SqueezeBox...

My aim is to run the SqueezeBox server on one of the PC (to which a
160gb external USB drive is connected containing all of my MP3s).

(1) Trying to access the server wirelessly fails and so far I've not
been able to successfully cable connect the SB to the PC that the MP3
drive is connected to - I tried using a crossover cable but I cant get
them to see each other.
(2) If I connect the external drive to my Powerbook instead and use the
handy "Create Network" (on the powerbook), SqueezeBox finds and
connects to that network successfully. No problem.

At first I thought it was a physical problem with the SqueezeBox but it
now seems that there are some incorrect settings either on my Airport
base station or on the PC that I'm trying to run the server from. What
is strange though, is that when trying to connect to the SB through the
wireless network, the SB doesn't even detect the presence of the
network. But, if I create the network on the powerbook it finds that

Instead, should I be doing a similar thing on the PC on which I want to
run the server i.e. create a network on it? At the moment, all the
machines obtain IP addresses via DHCP from the Airport (in order to
access the internet). Would I have to give the server PC a static IP
address and create a network that way?

Sorry if this is a bit rambling - so much to explain! If anyone spots
something I can try to expand on the info.

Any tips would be most welcome,