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2004-01-25, 17:53
Thanks. The update happened. I'll monitor how things
go. One thing it did not fix was synching a S3 to a SB
from the remote on the first attempt. It takes
multiple tries (2 to a dozen) before the sync occurs.
The SB stops to begin the current song anew, but
doesn't actually start playing until the S3 engages


--- kdf <slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com> wrote:
> Quoting Julius Friede <fauxfrenchdeux (AT) yahoo (DOT) com>:
> > There seems to be a bug that has crept into the
> latest nightly builds, at
> > least the dmg compiles. When having a S3 synched
> with a SB, after a time the
> > music mutes and unmutes on the S3 and eventually
> the S3 unsynchs itself. Im
> > not sure exactly when this started, but it seems
> to me to be around the 1/21
> > build, but I could be mistaken on that. I am
> currently on 1/25. The S3 is
> > wireless, the SB is wired. With the progress bar
> displayer the buffer, the
> > buffer level seems good.
> >
> > Julius
> There was new firmware in the recent builds, that
> did not go along with the
> force notification. Make sure you update the
> firmware to go with the nightly.
> -kdf