View Full Version : Help with connecting SB3 to a server over the internet?

2007-11-22, 11:14
Happy Thanksgiving. I find myself in NYC where, after having gone to see the big parade, I'm now trying to connect my friend's SB3 to my SqueezeCenter machine at home. I have ports 9000 and 3483 on my router forwarded to the machine running SqueezeCenter, and I can reach the web interface from here, but cannot get the SB3 to connect to the server using the appropriate IP address. Everything I can find by searching on Google (the search function on this forum seems not to be working for me today) says this should be possible. So, if anyone is around today, I'd really appreciate a pointer or two if there's something obvious that I'm missing.


Update: Got it. Not sure what changed, but the third try was the charm.

2007-11-22, 11:26
Have you set the security on the slimserver?

Server Settings>Security>Block Incoming Connections and check the options there.

Can you try using Softsqueeze on a PC on the same network as the SB3 and see what happens? Softsqueeze has plenty of diagnostics you can enable.

2007-11-22, 11:57
Thanks for the reply. Security settings in SqueezeCenter were appropriate, and I was able to ping the server from a PC. I suspect it was something stupid like a mis-typed IP address.