View Full Version : Slimserver command line control ?

2007-11-22, 09:21
Hello, Iīd like to cron the Squeezbox to wake up listening my farourite iRadio.

How can I play an iRadio URL or music file from command line?

The alarm plugin hasnīt those options.


Slimserver 6.5.4 on FreeBSD 6.2
Squeezebox 3

2007-11-22, 09:38
I think if you create a playlist which has a Radio URL - you can tell the alarm to play the playlist.
Put some audio tracks after the Radio URL in case the Radio URL fails to connect and play.

2007-11-22, 15:07
I hadn't any playlist created, so, I couldnīt choose my favourite one !

I've created one playlist (with radio URL) and now I can select it from alarm config menu.

Thanks again!