View Full Version : Remote/IR decoding issue?

2007-11-21, 22:41
The Squeezebox in my bedroom seems to respond oddly to IR commands sent by the IR remote for my Lutron light dimmer. Whenever it sees any IR command sent by the Lutron remote it repeats the last command that was received from the Squeezebox remote. Usually that last command would be a power toggle, so using the Lutron remote invariably turns off the light -- and then the Squeezebox powers back up.

To avoid this, I've been hitting one of the arrow keys on the Squeezebox remote after turning it off. But I'd prefer to track down the cause and this and resolve it properly, if possible.

Is it possible that Slimserver is failing to decode the IR command -- and rather than cleanly handling the error it's instead rerunning the last IR command that it successfully processed (which is probably still sitting in a memory buffer)?

Any known workarounds, or suggestions for debugging the problem?