View Full Version : Scheduled scanning using cron?

2007-11-21, 08:52

I'd like to schedule a task to run nightly and scan my music library automatically, every day. Is this possible? If so, what command would I run? I'm hoping I can invoke a perl script directly from the command line.


Mark Lanctot
2007-11-21, 08:59
This would be much easier from the web interface.

You didn't say which SS version you were running, but in 6.5.4, Server Settings - Plugins - Rescan Music Library at the bottom.

You may need to enable the Rescan Music Library plugin first.

2007-11-21, 09:08
look for scanner.pl, if you run it with no options, you'll get the
usage info.
you can create a command line for your needs and use that as the cron

There is also a built-in time rescan plugin with SqueezeCenter that
you to trigger a scan of a pre-determined type every 24 hours. You can
get to that via the remote or the web ui.


2007-11-22, 02:06
Thanks for both replies.

I'm running 6.5.4 and confess that I hadn't noticed the drop down in the settings page. This stuff just gets better and better!