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Neil Davidson
2004-01-25, 16:34

You touched on something that I thing would be very useful. How about a
pre-packaged SlimServer? I believe there are products from the likes of
Denon that will rip your CD's and then share them between multiple clients.
How about a PC with a custom Linux distro (custom as in stripped down to the
bare essentials for the server software to run) cd drive, large hard drive
and network connection. It comes pre-installed with the server software and
the necessary tools to rip and tag CD's.

I'm pretty sure most people would be able to handle this. The casing could
also be designed to look like a standard piece of Hi-Fi equipment. I could
go into more detail on this, I've got a few ideas, but you get the general
idea :)

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Well, if you're serous about evangelizing (and what Slim owner wouldn't
be? :), take the opposite tack. Ask your non-technical people how they
would put music throughout their house, using some common storage
source. Once they've come up with a Rube Goldberg solution, you then
point out the simplicity of the Squeezebox. BTW, the problem of ripping
the whole CD collection is shared by every product in this category.
One way or another, you have to have a store of music from which to
play, and to get that, you have to rip. Maybe we should look at
bundling a Windows version of grip, lame and cdparanoia preconfigured to
be a ripping machine? Linux users are an easier target, since most of
them are a bit more tech-savvy, but I agree that the Windows crowd needs
something that autoruns off the CD and has point-and-grunt operation.

Roy M. Silvernail
2004-01-25, 16:58
On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 18:34, Neil Davidson wrote:
> Roy,
> You touched on something that I thing would be very useful. How about a
> pre-packaged SlimServer?

It would likely be kind of spendy, especially if you want the "look of
fine stereophonic equipment". Retail just for a slimline black case
that would fit into an entertainment center without screaming COMPUTER
is around $130 right now. The whole assembly probably wouldn't come in
under $600. That doesn't come down much even at qty. 1000.


A pre-packaged SlimServer /distro/ might be a nifty item. Pop the CD
into your "spare" computer and a few minutes later, you have a dedicated
SlimServer box ready to rip. Knoppix would be a good starting point.
There are a lot of specialized distros that base off of Knoppix.
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