View Full Version : Confused by Now Playing vs Current Playlist behaviour

2007-11-20, 17:50
With JHB, when you turn off a player, it seems as though it has forgotten the playlist, since if you turn back on the player and press Now Playing, it comes up blank - but if you just press Play, it starts right up where it was, as you would expect. Is anybody else confused by this behaviour? Shouldn't Now Playing still show the 'current' playlist (same as SC), even when/if the player is/has been off?

2007-11-20, 18:19
There will be major changes on this functionality, or lack thereof, in the coming weeks.


2007-11-20, 18:35
Ah, that's great! I just thought I wasn't 'getting it' for some reason! I'll be patient - I can't believe how fast you guys work!